Content Marketing  

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I work with clients to create articles, content marketing pieces, blogs, video scripts, case studies; if you think it, I can write it. If you can’t think it, I can help with that too.

I blog on Medium for several different publications, including The Startup, The Apeiron, Storius, Curious and Inspire First; you can see my profile here.

My favourite subjects to write about are creativity, storytelling, freelancing and, of late, philosophy.

Common client pain points are:

They are struggling with ideas.

English is not their first language.

They are looking for something different but something that appeals to their audience at the same time.

They need some confidence in trying out new forms of content.

Take a look at a few of my case studies to see what I’ve done before and if you’d like to get in touch for a chat please contact me here.

I work closely with you and your designer. If you don’t have anyone available, I can recommend a talented web designer.

My websites include a future content plan to give you ideas for marketing your site.


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