Using Mural for Your Ideation
mural use cases

Mural use cases

Disclaimer: The Mural link is not an affiliate link. It’s just a programme that I’m enjoying for my ideation and collaboration.Mural is a digital collaboration tool that simulates a giant whiteboard. Where ideation sessions for innovators, engineers content producers, creators etc. used to take place in offices Mural has opened the space for real-time collaboration from different locations.

It’s a digital workspace, and I’ve started using it in my content work; creation and strategy.

Imagination Workers is how they describe their users in the intro to one of their guides, and their mission is to inspire, enhance and connect these thought warriors globally. That’s us, thinkers and creators.

You don’t need to be a designer to use this product. I’m not, I’m a writer and content creator, but the gathering of ideas is a critical phase for anyone engaged in the act of making anything; be it tangible or intangible, product or service. To launch into the first notion that you come up with is doing yourself and your audience an injustice.

Wind back to before the start of the virus and the three inhibitors to real, physical meet ups:

  • Travel cost
  • Space Availability
  • Nerves and Self Consciousness (maybe that’s just me as a writer)

The Mural collaborative tool has solved all three of these issues. Some people are yearning to go back to real meetups but me, I’m enjoying the view from behind my PC where I find it less daunting to throw out ideas.

Here are five of of my favourite templates to use in my ideation and collaboration ventures so far.

1. Blank Mural

A great place to start you on your Mural journey. As you can see it is just a giant whiteboard but more fun because you don’t have to get up and move around a room.

So far I’ve created my content plan, monthly blogs, workshop ideation, website chats etc.

I’ve also hosted two workshops where we’ve ideated a business plan and a book structure.

2. Super Hunch Sketch Pad

My day is full of super hunches. I bet yours is too.

Some are incredible; some probably were if only I could remember them and some not so. This process would would have weeded bad ideas. You know the ones, you think about them for a week missing something glaringly obvious and in the time spent thinking you’ve probably lost a few good ideas.

3. The Empathy Map

I haven’t used this yet, but I love the thought of it. Sometimes we get carried away with ideas and forget the human element, which is easy to do from the concept to execution and marketing phases.

Articulating the empathy response will help you promote your product or service too.

4. Persona Profile

The personas you write out in Word never seem to breathe on the page but this form makes the process fun and lively.

Creating new business personas has been on my list for a long time and now I’ve got more incentive.

5. Business Canvas

You’ve probably seen this before but since you’re using templates you may as well fill this out and remind yourself of the wonderful stock of resources you have.

It’s more fun than doing it on a real whiteboard or in a notebook too.

I recommend signing up for a month’s free membership to this tool. I create the templates for my meetings and send out a link. I use Zoom for the VC element and we all contribute onto the mural.

You can find out more about mural here.

It’s a big thinking design tool for Imagination Workers like you and me.


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