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The 2021 freelance business worker can’t do it all and can’t do it alone. That’s a quote that resonated a lot on one of my assignments. Below is a list of my favourite resources and tools and ones that I would recommend to anyone in the business or knowledge sector – in order of importance!

Virtual Assistant

It’s not just the actual tasks that they help you with; it’s the extra headspace that you get from having another pair of hands taking jobs from you to allow you to concentrate on what you do best.  If you’re a freelancer or in business on your own, I can’t recommend the help of a virtual assistant. If you’re not sure how you could work with one, don’t worry, they’ll know just what to do.

I use the indefatigable Sophie Eastop-Scopes for help with website amends, newsletter creations, social media, creating documents, sorting out my CRM and a whole load of other things.  

It’s like having a business partner with no hassle! 


I put everything through Grammarly; blogs, emails, documents, web pages.  Whether or not you consider yourself a writer, you will be communicating with others in your business. The free version is okay, but the full version is another one of my favourite business spends.



Mural is an online collaboration white-board tool, and they now offer a free product to everyone. It allows you to share ideas visually, run collaborative workshops and ideate your projects.  Take a look at this blog on a few of my favourite Mural templates.



I’m just using the free version now, but it helps me stop jumping in and out of my inbox or One Drive all of the time.



Meditation was a long time coming for me, but this year I started it, and the head-peace grew from month to month. So I highly recommend the subscription at £49 per year! There’s a range of exercises and focus music that I tap into every day.


The Google Suite

Google Sheets is a fantastic collaboration tool, and I use the G-docs to work collaboratively with clients and partners.  I talk more about it in my blog on Project Execution, where you can also get a free set of templates to help you act on your big ideas. 



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