Case Study



I just want to say a big thank you for the excellent piece of work you have done for Practeria. Your skills of expressing complex, technical problems in a simple, concise and engaging language are next to none.

Your captivating storytelling turned our business plan into a truly exciting and engaging document which we are now very proud of. Thank you so much, and we will be back soon for more nourishing words from you.


Practeria is a VR/AR tech training company that specialises in upskilling within the manufacturing industry.


A Business Plan For Investors.

Mould and shape a 20-page document with details of technical VR/AR products and their applications into an effective business plan.



I met the CEO of Practeria, Magdalena, at a local networking event where she’d introduced her business and products. We shared a combined interest in technology and culture, and after I wrote a script for her business, she decided to get my help with her business plan.  

As with most technical businesses, lots of details need to be translated to meet the objectives of the content. In this case, the investors would have a general knowledge of VR technology, but it was essential to include the bigger picture elements of their service offering.  

Across the 20 pages of information, there was a lot of repetitive and ineffective structure that I would eventually sculpt into a compelling case for investment.  

The focus of my work was:

  • Presenting a bigger picture that investors wanted to be a part of
  • Creating an executive summary that introduced the concept of the businesses 
  • Structuring the plan so that ideas were conveyed methodically 
  • Ensuring the language was lively and compelling.



A focused and exciting business plan that Practeria was happy to present to potential investors.