Case Study

Bundle Case Study – Animated Engineering Scripts


Sarah was a brilliant help with an engineering training project we worked on recently. Her ability to translate very technical documents into much more conversational and engaging content was impressive.

Jamie Pert,

Bundle Training.


Create two animated scripts around vehicle maintenance based on old O&M manuals.



I was familiar with old dusty operations and maintenance manuals from my time working in construction. I was familiar with scripts, having written a couple of fictional pieces but learning about suspension and vehicle care was a new subject for me.

Firstly, I digested their content and spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos for research before outlining the essentials of the mechanical processes and breaking them down into core stages. 

They’d also given me past script templates to work from, which was a huge help.

Jamie, the CEO, had highlighted the importance of a no-waste script because of the animation cost so capturing the essential steps; no more than that was crucial. 



Two finished scripts that could be sent straight to the animator and one happy client.