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2018 wasn’t the first time I’d decided to refocus my attention from the corporate 9-5 in subsea engineering to a writerly existence making a living from my ideas and words. The first time around I took a year off, with savings in the bank account to purely focus on playwriting.

This time the intention, unlike with the playwriting adventure, was actually to make a living and get paid for my craft. 

So with my business plan, schedule, list of tested products and exit strategy completed, I jumped on board.


Sorry, sometimes I wish that was how it started. It was more chaotic and less planned than that and while I advise people to put some more thinking into their business strategy than I did I do stand by a certain amount of discovery and chaos along the road.

A friend that I kept in touch with after leaving a job in the construction industry encouraged me to pursue a vocation closer to my obvious passion for writing. She even handed me a couple of small clients.

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This is great, I thought, I like this, but since then it has been a journey; sometimes slow, sometimes rapid but more planned and intentional as the months go by.

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I’ve had a fantastic assortment of projects across the third sector, tech, marketing, property, wellbeing among a few. I’ve also been writing non-fiction blogs on the Medium platform.  

I love working with people to add creative solutions to their business. COVID-19 has presented an excellent opportunity to look at the relationship we have with corporations, with leaders, with role models, with others and with ourselves.

A creative outlook is the way forward, and I love working with people who have the same stance, though through their journeys in life will bring their viewpoint to the story.

Thanks for reading and do drop me a line if you want a chat.

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