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2018 was a fantastic year and the beginning of an adventure in screenwriting. My love for the theatre faded away but was replaced with a new world, a new crowd and a fresh new ecosystem to explore.

Obviously, there are the big Hollywood horror stories and some horrendous egos (though, can you really compete with theatre on that front?)

But at the London indie level, it felt like a welcoming scene. The effort, the ambition, the resources, the hustle and the shared recognition of a challenging but worthwhile slog.

Outfits like The Filmmakers Podcast have created a lively community dedicated to empowering and supporting people to come together to make indie films and inform/encourage others on the way.

I took on an amazing mentor for a few months to hone the craft, won a few screenplay awards, and feasted my creative appetite on screenwriting.  

But now I’ve moved on to my first love- novels. Watch this space, friends. 

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Screenplay Projects


 (award-winning feature – crime thriller)

When a fearless thief’s heist goes wrong, she must turn to her estranged brother to help her with a series of cons to make up the lost gold. As they don their costumes and play out their old grifting routines, they draw closer to the truth they have been running away from.

Deeper Learning

(feature – sci-fi thriller)

When a visionary scientist bringing her murdered husband back to life with biological 3D printing is blackmailed by a right-wing MP, she must choose between recreating her husband or keeping the integrity of their life’s work.

High Seas

(pilot – sci-fi/fantasy)

A young programmer takes a high profile position at a new educational software company only to discover a plot to eliminate female resistance fighters from historical consciousness. When she finds out and challenges her superiors, she becomes trapped in the virtual void where the women are sentenced to fade out of existence.


 (short script – a crime thriller -winner of best story award)

When a zealous young thief meets the neglected daughter of a wealthy banker, the two of them embark on a passionate journey to pull off a daring heist from her father’s bank.


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European Independent Film Award 2018


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LA Film Awards


Creative World Awards - Thriller Finalist


LA Independent Film Festival Award


I had a Billy Elliot moment with Theatre in my mid-twenties. I use this phrase without having seen that musical ’cause I don’t do musicals. I watched David Elridge’s adaptation of the Danish film Feston, and I was love-struck by the energy of the stage and that play.

theatre acting

I wanted a piece of that!

After a lifetime of having a notion of wanting to write stories but not knowing how to attack it, I finally spotted my avenue.

Then came the door, but much later. It was a writing class with the Faber Academy, where I finally learned how to start writing a play, and I kept writing and visiting the theatre once a week. Ever the bushy-tailed student.

Finally in 2015 a wonderful woman, Miranda Harrison picked a short scene from a play I was working on for workshopping at her theatre evening, and I had my first taste of seeing my work performed in a talented bunch of hands.

It was a short two years of writing, learning and becoming bolder that led to a premiere of a full-length play at the off-West End venue, The Tristan Bates Theatre. 

Now my passion for writing has changed platforms, but the fire still burns! After winning a few screenwriting awards in 2018, I’ve set my sights on my first true love – short stories and a novel.

And of course, storytelling for businesses, they sure could use some help!

Thanks for reading.



Gloves Off

(short play)
Theatre 503, 2015

High Seas

(2-day rehearsed reading)
Richmond Drama and Music Festival, 2016

Sublime extract

Anonymous is a Woman Theatre Company at the Pleasance Theatre, 2016


full run at the Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden, 2017

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