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Peak Performance

High-Performance Pyramid – Q4 2021

A response to the Harvard Business Review Article – The Making Of A Corporate Athlete

As we edge closer to the end of the year, I’ve found this article by the Harvard Business Review exceptionally helpful. By measuring performance improvement by capacity, you get a valuable and achievable set of goals.  The idea given in the article is that you can’t operate at your peak performance level without focusing on each level of the pyramid.  

The way you increase capacity is through creating rituals. So here goes with mine – if you take the time to do the exercise, I would love to hear about it, so drop me a line.

Physical Capacity – Managing Energy

Increase fitness and lose weight to increase physical capacity. 


Every Sunday, I create an exercise program from my Les Mills membership.  It includes a weekday schedule, freeing weekends up for walking in the nearby hills and mountains. 

Emotional Capacity – The Internal Climate That Supports Peak Performance

Increase emotional capacity by eliminating low value, high stress activities and projects so I can take on more creative work and more significant projects.  


I’ve implemented a schedule that cuts down and regulates time in front of the screen, mainly social media and email.  Too much email time eats through my productivity and gives me a low level of anxiety.

I use a Focus Time schedule to cut out all distractions for my peak analytical and creative times.

I have also taken email and most distractions off my phone so that when focus time is scheduled in there is no escape.

I’m also trying a new journaling tactic, inspiration from Darren Matthews, to chronicle my decisions and not just feel but be in control of my life. 

Mental Capacity   – Improving Cognitive Competencies

The HBR article mentions time management, focus and critical thinking skills as ways to increase your mental capacity. However, one of the most significant barriers to peak mental capacity is the lack of rest, or oscillation. 

Increase mental capacity by focusing on oscillation. 


I am shutting down all forms of work for 48 hours over the weekend and taking time off; banned activities include emailing, writing or any other work over this time except creating the schedule on Sunday.  I am also turning off my work screen by 9pm on weeknights.


Spiritual Capacity – The Energy That Is Unleashed By Tapping Into A Sense of Purpose

This is simple for me. I want to finish my current novel and finish my old stories.


I am experimenting with the best time for creativity and blocking out the time on the schedule for uninterrupted creativity. 



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