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Sarah Thomas Storyteller


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Scripts, Case Studies, Events and other business stories

"She takes a small spark of an idea and expands it into something engaging, relevant to our audience and most importantly, purposeful with a deep and meaningful message."

Kiran Kachela, CI Projects

Blogs, articles, e-books, etc

Heighten your brand authority with specialist content


Scripts, Case Studies, Events and other business stories

Illuminate your business character by telling your unique story


Websites and Landing Pages

Convey the magic of your business to the world


Why take a

storytelling approach?

A good business and a good story have a few things in common

A quest

An audience

A purpose

A touch of magic


I’m Sarah, a writer-storyteller based in Scotland.

I used to call myself a copywriter but that stands for a certain grounding within words and I push a creative agenda that sees the written content within the context of different worlds.  So if it’s just words you are looking for I’m not your girl.

My Approach


based on your story, not the story of your competitor


talking to, not at, your audience


conveyed with purpose

Vivid and characterful

using a storytelling approach

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