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Online Learning Content

The Setup

This project was one of those cases of otherworldly timing. I reached out to an old friend who worked at a marketing agency to see if he had any leads. It turned out that he had one in his hand that very moment from his agency boss. So it began.

My New Venture (MNV) is an e-learning portal designed for first-time business owners that provides the necessary information to help them down the bumpy road of building a business. The founders are three busy and successful entrepreneurs who have made the same journey themselves and wanted to help others navigate an increasingly complex arena.  They needed someone to pick up the content side of the project and manage that process.

The Journey

Over the last ten months, I’ve read, researched and rewritten the existing content for nine different modules: Getting started, running your business on a day to day basis, product development, accounting and finance, franchising, employing people, and branding and marketing. It’s been a learning curve for me but great to be close to successful entrepreneurs and have a hand in helping their big project. 

I’ve worked closely with founders to ensure the materials capture their knowledge and represent the right tone of voice. I’ve also had the opportunity to add creative input into the content and learned a lot in researching and crafting the rest.  The founders are open to ideas and suggestions and have made this project one of my favourites.

The Result

We’re nearly there now and hoping for a release this year. The platform looks terrific, and as excited as I am, I’m sure the MNV founders are doubly so. We’ve got three modules to sign off and a list of accompanying pieces of content. Are you interested in signing up for release information? You can do so here.

If you’d like to chat about how I can help you write the content for your project, e-learning or other, you can get in touch here.

We needed a copywriter for our project that was able to work on their own initiative, was diligent creative and able to work to challenging deadlines.

Sarah not only met our expectations but far exceeded them. Her flexibility, ability to quickly negotiate the various tasks set and adapt to the needs and personality of each member of the team was fantastic It has been a joy to work with Sarah and I hope the relationship will turn into a long term one.

Highly recommend.

Jovan Maric

Square Daisy/My New Venture

Do you need help with your website or content marketing? If so, you can leave me a message here.


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