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The Setup

This case study is for the website for TIWWD. It was the second project I completed with the design agency over a three-month period.
The founder, Michel, creates exquisite designs for campaigns across a spectrum of huge brands and through constant agency work he never had the time to work on his own business development.

Michel is a design creative so we shared a synergy for exploring themes and storytelling ideas.

The Journey

Apart from the portfolio images which remain we tackled the entire website by going back to basics.  We created a tagline based on his personality and the kinds of projects that he loves.

Designs That Bounce For Ideas That Want To Take Off.  

From there we analysed his services which took some time. Like most business owners he is so close to what he does that it was hard to see his business from an audience perspective.  

Together we analysed all of the images that he used and targeted more than one for replacement.  We launched a twofold attack. With a new tagline, set of content and his design we created a brand new website over a short time period.

The Result

I strongly recommend Sarah as your next Copywriter / Storyteller.She immediately understood the needs of our projects and has the gift to translate it all to perfect writing. We see her as the bridge between our products and our customers. Five Stars!

We finished the website and though the retainer period has ended I’ve just been commissioned for another website.

I look forward to continuing on with TIWWD for another project and hopefully further collaboration on projects together with different clients.

This Is What We Do

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