How To Run A Creative Audit On Your Business
creative audit

Financial auditing is big business in the UK, scooping a significant slice of the total revenue each year. Why? Because for an organization to keep growing, it needs to ensure that everything is running according to process. A creative audit can help in the same way by providing a check-in to ensure that your business intention aligns with your business activities. 

While this kind of audit often focuses on your creative assets, I want you to step back and examine your business from a creative viewpoint.

Below are five audit points to help you to do a check on your business creativity.  

1. Differentiation 

How do you differentiate yourself from other businesses?  How do you articulate this when describing your business? Do you capture your emotional value alongside the functional?

Audit Task – Come up with two different differentiation points based on feedback or experience, not competition. 

2. Validation

Knowing this differentiation, can you match it to some of your testimonials and feedback?  It’s one thing to come up with the perfect expression of how you’re different, but your position is much stronger if you can back it up with testimonials.  

Audit Task – Find two testimonials or case studies that include your differentiation points. Happy clients are usually more than willing to give you a new one if you explain your mission.

3. Purpose 

Sometimes amid the noise and flurry of the digital world, it is easy to tumble off track and forget your purpose.  Your mission is what you’re delivering to the world, and your purpose is to help people via this mission.  

Audit Task – Create a single sentence about your purpose and a paragraph about how this helps your ideal clients or customers. 

4. Your Business Offering 

With all of the above fresh in your mind, does your range of products or services align? Like forgetting your purpose, it is easy to get sidelined with what everyone else is doing and forget that your business offering should be uniquely yours.

Audit Task – Go through your offering and make sure you have aligned the purpose with clients at each level.   Make necessary amends and add new products or services where you can.  

5. Content and Communication 

Now for the easy bit!  With everything in place above, what is the best way and place to communicate your message in the marketplace? Is this aligned with what you are currently doing?

 What kind of additional content could you produce to market your business?

Audit Task – Create a communication plan that includes:

Website – Which sections of your website reflect your business. Which need changing?

Social Media – Are you on the correct channels for your audience?

Communication channels – What other content could you create to reach your audience? 

I hope you’ve found this helpful. Adapting big business strategy to my own business is a hobby for me, but it’s no less essential to our success than theirs. So check out this blog on The Blue Ocean Strategy. 

If you’re looking for a creative and audience-focused copywriter to help your business achieve its communication goals, drop me a message, and I’ll get back to you.  


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