How I work on your website. 

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As always in life, there are the activities that we give our entire ‘glass half full’ attention to and then the rest that we have to deal with in our day to day lives.  This is the benefit of going to a professional writer to create your content – I will give it my full attention and energy.

If you have filled out an enquiry form, I get started on distilling that information. Am I clear on the following:

Who will the website audience be?

What kind of products and services does your business offer?

What’s your deadline for the project delivery?

What are the emotional touchpoints that you make with your customers?

What is your business story?

Armed with all of this information, I then start my research phase.

Who are your top competitors?

What are they saying to their customers and about their services?

What information do they show on their websites?

What kind of story are they telling?

Finally, how does your business differentiate itself from its competitors?

Then it’s time to structure your website.

Is it evident from the home page what industry you are in? Don’t laugh; you’d be surprised how many businesses assume their customers know what they do, but it’s not clear to the outsider.  

If your products and services aren’t precise, then I’ll run a little ideation session with you to package up your business offering – if you don’t know how your customer can buy from you, then neither will they. 

And finally, especially for the five-page websites, what is the wildcard that we can include? Something exciting and unique about your business?  

And now it’s time to start writing. So you see, my website services aren’t a simple case of ‘writing down your business’ – there’s a lot of pre-work, research and thinking that goes into the perfect set of website content.  

If you’re interested in going it alone, I have created a short blog on ‘How to Write Good Content For Your Website’ – you can check that out here. Or, if you’re interested in getting professional writing help with your business, then you can find my price guideline here or drop me a line, and I’ll be straight back with you.  

On a final note, one of my biggest disappointments with website content is that the business hasn’t got a designer in mind and haven’t thought this element through, so the ideas aren’t achievable – a huge shame for a small business that has paid me to write their content. However, I know several website designers and have teamed up with an old client of mine, This Is What We Do, to offer a complete logo and site design, content and development package.  You can see details of that here.  

Most of my client pain points fall into the following categories:

Wanting to be more creative about how they describe their business

Wanting an audience perspective on their business

A lack of confidence in writing

Non-native speakers


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