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1.9 billion and counting. That’s how many websites are on the internet at the moment. While that number might feel overwhelming if you’re creating your website, the positive side is that they are working.

As well as a marketing and communication tool, an essential one, creating a website is always an opportunity to make sure your business is customer offering is structured and communicated to make it easy for the audience to engage.

Sometimes services or packages are not intuitive from a customer perspective, and when it comes times to create the digital content, there’s more work to be done. That’s okay – that’s another fun bit!

The most common client pain points for websites are:

Wanting a creative/storytelling approach

They are too close to a product or service and struggling to articulate the business in a customer-facing way.

A lack of confidence in writing

Non-native speakers

Time and inclination

A first website hasn’t been making an impact

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