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Case Studies 

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Thanks for visiting my work page. Below are an assortment of my Case Studies. 

Below are a few common reasons why my clients used my writing services.

A Creative Approach

The clue is in my business name about what kind of approach I take to content writing, and the clients who come through my website all tend to be looking for something different.

This normally means non-corporate or traditional, but sometimes it’s just looking at their business from a different perspective.

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You need someone who will keep a keen focus on who your audience is and how you can keep on engaging them.

I have worked with many copywriters over the years, but Sarah is more than a copywriter; she takes the initiative to really understand the client and customer and is also extremely organised. She is a rare gem who is a pleasure to work with, and I will continue to work with her now and in the future.

Phillipa James

Almond Marketing


Being out of ideas may mean you need help deciding on the best form for your content to take – a landing page, home page, website or e-book etc.  

Or it could mean that you already know what you need, i.e. a microsite, but you want a story, a theme or a more creative take on your business.  

Whatever your reason for being here, I help my clients across various industries create content that leaves an impression on their audience.  

Sometimes it is coming up with a strategy or a plan; other times, it means creating a tagline that clients can use across all of their social media campaigns.

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For anyone who likes to stand out from the usually crowded marketplace, we would highly recommend they contact Sarah. You won’t be disappointed.

Rick Tooley

Property Marketing Revolution

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When running through my client pain points recently, a helping hand with organisation ran through most of my projects – to my surprise. Busy business owners often appreciate an extra ray of energy to get their projects off the ground.

I work with clients to align the writing with their more meaningful goals. I’m not a ‘send and dash’ kind of writer and like to see my projects through to the end. 

I can work with your team, with your marketing company, directly with you to bring you closer to your audience through content.  So, if you’re short of time, creativity, organisation or ideas, then drop me a line here.

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