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The Setup

I met Sas Soubhi at a local business networking event, and he mentioned a project he’d been thinking of for some time. He’d bought the domain and was ready to go. Except he just could not get around to doing the content. I jokingly suggested that if he hadn’t finished by the end of the week, he should pay me a penalty of £50, but he thought of a better idea. Why not just pay me to write it for him?

The Journey

Sas sent me everything he had written to date for the website, and I found the stumbling block. He hadn’t arranged his services in a way that was customer facing and therefore, they were challenging to articulate correctly. Without the customer journey being straightforward on the website, it wouldn’t be clear to viewers.

Together we re-arranged the services into three different packages with different price ranges, and away we went.

The Result

Sas had that affliction common with small business owners; he was too close to his own services to see them from an outside perspective, but with another imagination on the project, we got the website up and running promptly.

“It was a great pleasure working with Sarah, who has developed copy for my new brand “Dr. Marketing”, a sub brand of Business Medics. This was an unusual situation for me as I have spent the past 12 years providing copy for numerous websites myself, but sometimes you can get too close to the subject and a fresh set of eyes is needed.

Following a series of brain storming sessions which helped me align my proposition, Sarah was able to craft some creative and insightful copy which perfectly represented what I was trying to develop. The “icing on the cake” were the analogies used and the association with the medical profession, which hit the perfect home run!

The key success criteria for any new branding project is a clear brief and good communication throughout the process. This was made seamless by Sarah, who asked all the right questions throughout the brainstorming stage, enabling the creation of quality content, which was delivered in a timely, efficient and cost- effective manner. I would have no hesitation recommending Sarah for creative and timely copy writing solutions for any SME’s business needs.”

Sas Soubhi

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