Case Study For Practeria – Business Plan and Executive Summary


Crafting and Rewriting A Business Plan For Investors

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The Setup

Practeria is an exciting start-up in the engineering and technology field. A small but fiery team working from different parts of the globe had finished developing four products, and it was time to start talking to investors about financing.

The London lead, Magdalena, has a solid entrepreneurial instinct, but English isn’t her first language, and she was looking for a creative and confident pair of hands to help tell the Practeria story to present to potential investors.

The Journey

The existing document was over 28 pages long, and the structure erred slightly on the convoluted side. The problem wasn’t the second language; it was a more common problem when businesses write their content – she was just too close to it, so see it from an outsider’s perspective.

The first task was attending to the structure and treating the document like an essay or story, outlining the problem and the world context before diving deeper into their solution.

Whether your reader is at home on the sofa or in a room full of executives, readability is everything too.

The Result

A scaled-down and reorganised business plan for the client to take to investors. From 28 pages to 12, ensuring maximum impact and clarity.

“I just want to say big thank you for the excellent piece of work you have done for Practeria. Your skills of expressing complex, technical problems in a simple, concise and engaging language are next to none.

Your captivating story telling turned our business plan into a truly exciting and engaging document which we are now very proud of. Thank you so much and we will be back soon for more nourishing words from you. “

Magdalena Riley



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