Case Study for Fifth Sense – Creating a Communications Plan
Case Study - Fifth Sense


Creating a communications strategy to help grow the reach of the charity.

Service Type

3 Month Contract

Charity Copywriting

The Setup


Fifth Sense is the UK registered charity helping people who suffer from smell and taste disorders (Anosmia).

Duncan Boak conceived and grew the charity after an accident left him without smell and taste senses. Like most people, he previously took for granted the everyday role that smell and taste have in shaping our life experiences.

He went on a quest to discover what studies and resources were available to help those with Anosmia.

The result, he found, was a lack of connectivity between those with the disorder and the experts. So he started Fifth Sense which began as a community and a resource-sharing hub and has grown into a funded charity that is a leading voice in supporting people with Anosmia.

With growth comes the need for a new strategy, and Duncan was looking for help to change how they communicated their extraordinary work with the world.

I started a three-month programme to develop a strategy to meet this rapidly growing organisation’s communications needs.





The Journey



The project started with a workshop, using Mural, of course! To identify the audience groups and where we were missing opportunities to spread the Fifth Sense word.

A strategy sinks or swims with the buy-in of those delivering the work, and creating an atmosphere of iteration and trial and error is essential. Trust is critical; without trust and without those you’re working with believing that you’re there to create the best possible outcome for them, your job is doomed.

I was lucky to work with a dedicated team, who were more determined to fulfil the charity’s needs than they were fearful of the changes that we implemented. Over weekly call, we tried, tested, measured and amended different audience channels to capture the response. We moved away from strictly numerical measurements of engagement and focused on some of the qualitative reactions we had from people, especially on Linked In.

I was keen to come in as an enabler, not as an expert, and I still believe that the most critical piece of advice you can give to a growing organisation is the confidence to try things out, to fail and to get up again and try things out. To hold back for fear of getting something wrong is by far a worse act than trying and making a mistake. After creating a three-month strategy that we implemented, the team created its own plan for the next period.

It was full of brilliant new ideas and bold campaigns to reach their new audiences.


The Final Act


“Sarah was recommended to me when I was looking for someone to work with our team to develop a communications strategy for our charity. From the start, she was brilliant; warm, engaging and took time to get under the skin of our organisation and understand our mission, goals and values. Our team have developed great experience and confidence through her support, and I don’t think I could have found anyone better for the job. I’d highly recommend her to any purpose-driven organisation looking to better tell its story.”

Duncan Boak

Fifth Sense


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