Case Study for Bundle – Animated Training Scripts
Case Study - Bundle

Bundle Training – Animation Script Writing


Translating old O&M vehicle manuals into scripts for animation.

Service Type

Fixed price project.


The Setup

The owner of Bundle was having a hard time finding technical copywriters. That’s what he was telling my friend Giorgia over a beer on a rainy Friday night in East London. He couldn’t seem to find a copywriter that could stick to the script. His company had been enjoying swift growth in their first 18 months of businesses, and he was looking for a writer to hand over projects to. Giorgia told him she knew just the person.

The Journey

I had the mix of skills that Jamie seemed to be after; someone who could digest technical information and translate it into script format and someone who could concentrate on the task without involving that pesky ego of theirs.

The project was three scripts to be made into animated training material that described engineering activities around vehicle maintenance; suspension to be precise.

The script’s purpose was to serve as a manual to the animator. What was on the page would be animated and show in the final video. Every additional action would cost money, so it needed to be pared down to critical matter only.

I failed to mention to Jamie that I didn’t own a car or drive or have much to do with suspension other than my mountain bike. Why ruin a good start?

So, over a more extended period than I planned, I watched YouTube videos to understand suspension and gathered as much info as I needed to create the scripts. It was an intensive couple of days. You know, I am a humble writer after all.

But after my rapid-fire education on vehicle maintenance, I delivered those scripts.

The Final Act

Sarah was a brilliant help with an engineering training project we worked on recently. Her ability to translate very technical documents into much more conversational and engaging content was really impressive.

Jamie Pert

CEO of Bundle


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