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The Setup

Rick Tooley owns a global real estate business. and in the lead up to Covid he created a revolutionary new model of property marketing. Combining global property shifts and insights with business best practice, he founded the Property Marketing Revolution. We met at a local networking event where he didn’t realise he needed a writer. But he had a long and unfinished set of content to update.

The Journey

Rick would just give me a call when he has a new idea. We’ve rebranded ebooks, brochures and created animated scripts. In the true entrepreneurial spirit, Rick is always up for suggestions and creative ideas in this marketing. We’ve used different themes and motifs around his changing marketplace conditions and been innovative in our approach.

The Result

Ongoing success. We updated his suite of content marketing with fresh ideas and new creative concepts.

Every once in a while, if you’re lucky, you’ll come across a professional that not only understand their business but takes a time-out to understand your business as well.

Working with Sarah was a breath of fresh air and her skill changed our facts, figures and formulas into a story that explained the challenges our prospective clients faced and solutions we could offer, all in a way that made it easy for our clients to understand and consequently buy.
We now have brochures, e-books and blogs that explain exactly what we do and these marketing tools have made our sales easy.

We have reserved another timeslot for Sarah to work on our next project and look forward to launching our next campaign.

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