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Ideating and Writing a Lead Magnet to Attract People To The Mailing List

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Fixed Price Project



The Setup

Claire is a local Osteopath running her own business as well as practising for another company. We met at a local networking evening, and when I told her I was a writer, she said she knew she needed one, but she didn’t know what for.

The Journey

So we had a long Skype call discussing her business needs, her clients, where she was at that moment and where she wanted to get to with her business.

We decided on a serialised E-book about one of the most common pains that her patients came to her with.  We divided it into manageable two-page episodes to use as a lead magnet to get subscribers onto her mailing list. 

The Result

It worked!

“Sarah was an absolute pleasure to work with. Firstly, she took the time to really understand what I do and the message I wanted to convey to my audience. She then seemingly effortlessly turned that idea into a fun, informative and easy to read piece of content. This is a task that has been sitting on my ‘to do’ list for many months but in a very short time Sarah helped me to execute this project. I now have a great series of articles that I can use in multiple ways, thanks to Sarah. I would highly recommend Sarah and her talented copywriting skills.”

Claire Lisboa

Twickenham Osteopath


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