Sarah Thomas – Writer & Storyteller

Hi there. Thanks for visiting my writer’s page where I’ll be sharing all things creative writing.  I’ve just transferred all things business storytelling over to www.thecontentstoryteller so if you’re looking for  business content that is where you’ll find it. 

These days, I’m writing out of Scotland, which has a strong history of philosophy and culture and a nation of splendid people.  Aberdeen’s motto is Bon Accord – say no more. After 20 years in London, it is a beautiful and welcome seachange.  

My official storytelling adventure started with a passion for theatre and playwriting, where I had a sprinkle of shorts and readings until having my first play, Sublime, produced in an Off-West-End theatre in Covent Garden in 2017.

Then, having tasted a few of the delicacies of the theatre, I moved across to writing scripts, where I scooped a couple of minor screenwriting awards. The indie film scene is fantastic for meeting people, directors, actors, and competitors but what I learned at the end of that journey was that my favourite part of the process was writing. Spending time with my wayward characters and plotting their way forward, and discovering the perfect ending to a story is what I love the most.

Of course, writing means I love literature and culture, which I discovered during my part-time Open University degree that I finished in 2014. They kicked me off in the end because I was capitalising on the decision to offer current students old pre-university fees. I managed to squeeze in two extra modules before they sent me on my way with a 2:1 – fair enough!

My obsession right now is short stories and I’ve started reading and analysing a few over on my Medium account – many more will follow and I’ll also get them up here shortly.

I’ve also been slow-blogging for a couple of years on creativity and storytelling and you can check them out here.  

Thanks for visiting.