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Leaving an impression

Helping you reach your audience.

Helping you make a lasting impression on your audience by combining focus with creativity, storytelling with a business twist and creating an emotional connection in your content. 

I always start from the vantage point of your audience and can help you with your writing needs across websites and digital content, articles and blogs, e-learning or any tasks that need a professional pair of writing hands on them.

I’m all out of retainer slots right now, but there’s still space for the fixed website or content packages. So drop me a line to tell me what you’re looking for.

“Working with Sarah was a breath of fresh air, and her skill changed our facts, figures and formulas into a story that explained the challenges our prospective clients faced and solutions we could offer.”

Sarah Thomas


I’m Sarah

My background is in telling tales – big ones, small ones, ones to keep a character lodged in your heart.

In 2016/17, I dabbled in theatre, producing a couple of small pieces for the stage, culminating in a run at a theatre in Covent Garden. Having ticked that big box, I moved over to screenwriting, where I scooped up a couple of awards for my stories before moving to my current destination, ‘short story and novel writing.’

That insatiable appetite for pushing a story to its perfect conception, exploring new forms, and seeking out audience-focused ways of communication suit the business world very well.

Insightful and beautifully written, and very well researched. The article was engaging, and we have had some very positive feedback. Sarah brings energy, enthusiasm and a lot of skill to every project.

Owen Williams

6 Red Squares

She takes a small spark of an idea and expands it into something engaging, relevant to our audience and most importantly, purposeful with a deep and meaningful message.

Kiran Kachela

Continuous Improvement Projects

We needed a copywriter for our project that was able to work on their own initiative, was diligent creative and able to work to challenging deadlines. Sarah not only met our expectations but far exceeded them. Her flexibility, ability to quickly negotiate the various tasks set and adapt to the needs and personality of each member of the team was fantastic It has been a joy to work with Sarah and I hope the relationship will turn into a long term one. Highly recommend.

Jovan Maric

Square Daisy/My New Venture


A client asked me recently what I do at the weekends, and I was a little bit embarrassed to say I write then too. If I’m not working on my novel or a plan for a client, I’m often blogging as well. I must like it – a lot. I blog on Medium and do the very occasional guest post too.

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